• Weapons Classes

  • At KRMA we offer a wide range of Freestyle and Traditional Weapons Training.  We know that no single weapon will suit all of our students so we provide training that ensure that we can find one to suit any Martial Arts student and help them develop further.

    With 6 main weapons we teach, you will enjoy the choice available.

  • Freestyle Bo Staff

    We provide a full 6 level curriculum in Freestyle Bo Staff that grades can be achieved with progressing from Yellow to Black Chevron

  • Freestyle Nunchaku

    We provide a full 6 level curriculum in Freestyle Nunchaku taking students from a single pair of Nunchaku to Double ranging through Yellow Chevron up to Black Chevron.

  • Freestyle Kama

    We provide a full 6 level system in Freestyle Kama.  This is a Dual Weapon System that progresses from Yellow to Black Chevron.  We also incorporate Kama into our Senior Dragon Curriculum.

  • Freestyle Sai

    Our Sai Curriculum is a mixture of freestyle as well as traditional to give our students a better feel for the weapon.  Just like all of our other Freestyle Weapons Curriculums, this is a 6 level system that progresses from Yellow to Black Chevron.

  • Katana-Do

    We offer a Traditional blend of Katana training at KRMA that students can learn and progress through their grades.  This is a tough yet rewarding curriculum that contains grades from 8th Kyu to Black Belt. 

  • Sport Sword

    Want something a little less serious, want to let off steam and learn some great skills whilst you are at it?  Our Sport Sword sessions are just for you.  This is not only a gradable system which incorporates Freestyle Sword too but it is a great way of staying fit too.

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