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  • Here at KRMA, we are taking every precaution possible to ensure we are a COVID-19 safe as possible.  Using the latest government guidelines and best hygiene and cleanliness strategies we are set to do our part in helping everyone.

    So, let's take a look at what we are doing to ensure that our students stay safe!

  • The KRMA SHIELD really is "Our Commitment To Your Health and Wellness"

    With this in mind we have built several protocols to keep everyone safe.

    • SANITATION:  We have implemented multiple hand sanitising stations throughout our main centre as well as having stations at our satellite schools to ensure that students can keep their hands clean before, during and after classes.
    • ALWAYS CLEAN: To ensure we provide the best practices, we are doing a full sanitation of the training areas in between each and every class to ensure that everyone can rest assured when attending we are truly looking after their health.
    • ONE WAY: For our classes we will be operating a ONE-WAY system for entering and leaving the classes.  This ensures that we stop students from mixing on less change overs.
    • EQUIPMENT SPRAY:  Any equipment used by any student will be disinfected immediately after use to ensure these remain safe for everyone.
    • ATTENDANCE: All attendance will be carried out using our Front Desk System (Non Contact) or with someone who will register for you.



  • As part of our KRMA SHIELD we have our Health and Safety Protocols for COVID-19

    So, for when students return to our classes we have the following things in place:

    • LIMITED CLASS SIZES: We will only be allowing 6 student in a class at any one time with a maximum of 12 people allowed in the building at any one time also.
    • NO PARENTS/ VISITORS:  We will not be allowing parents and visitors in the build, this is due to the current guidance on how many people are allowed in.  But rest assured, if you are waiting for a class to finish we have a way for you to still watch your children progress.  Details on this will be provided to our Members.
    • UNIFORMS:  All students must wear their full uniform to class, this helps us to know who is a student and who is not
    • NO CONTACT:  For the time being we will not be allowing any contact with any other students until it is safe to do so
    • WASHING AND SANITISING OF HANDS:  We know this has been mentioned, but this is a crucial part for everyone to help
    • USING MASKS:  Although current guidance explains the health risks of using masks during training sessions, we want those who feel safer wearing them to rest assured we will not make them feel uncomfortable for their choice.

  • Another section to our KRMA SHIELD is the "DO YOUR PART" process.

    Now, more than ever, it is important that everyone does there bit to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to do that we have some clear guidelines that must be followed by all of our students.

    • YOU MUST SANITISE YOUR HANDS:  This must be done when you arrive for classes and as you leave
    • MASKS ARE OPTIONAL:  Although not recommended these are optional
    • FOLLOW THE ONE WAY SYSTEM:  Only enter and leave your venues using the one way system detailed for everyone
    • STAY ON YOUR SPOT:  You will be assigned a training spot which you must not leave during your class.  It is important to remember this.
  • We also understand that you may have additional questions.  That is no problem.  Please simply get in touch with us on Facebook, Email or Phone and we will be more than happy to help.

    Take Care, Stay Safe

    The KRMA Team

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