• Instructor Training (CIT)

  • We provide a range of leadership options to help improve our students and give people direction that can help them move in a positive direction.  We allow younger students to look at leadership responsibilities as well as our Adults to become Full Instructors.  On top of this we have a full program for our parents to help them learn how to assist their children as well as other students.

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  • Junior Instructor Training

    We all know that children are the leaders of tomorrow, but they shouldn't have to wait for tomorrow to learn how to be leaders.  We have developed a full training programme to help our future leaders develop as role models for other students and become the best their can be as future leaders in the Martial Arts World.

  • Certified Intructor Training (CIT)

    Want to become a fully qualified instructor?  Then look no further.  We have a fully developed CIT Training Programme that we not only put our Instructors through but we allow others to take on the challenge to. 

    If you are someone who wants to open up a KRMA school then this is for you.   Available to Black Belts.

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  • Parent Coaching Training

    Parents are one of the cornerstones of Martial Arts Schools, the unsung heroes who bring their children to classes and ensure they develop the best they can alongside the class Instructors. 

    After many have said how they would truly like tot help more, we developed a way that they actually can.

    With the PCT course, Parents become part of the team and learn how to positively coach students when at training, competitions and more. 

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