• Adult Martial Arts

  • As well as our range of Children's classes, we also have a range of classes for families and Adults too.

    We understand how some families like to train together as a family activity and we also understand thew desire for that "adult" time. 

    Ranging from Karate, Kickboxing and Multi Skilled Martial Arts (MMA) we have a lot to offer students new and old.

    If you are interested in developing yourself or trying a whole new challenge please get in touch and we will happily help you.


    So let's get serious now, for those who want to learn pure combat, solid technique and a good standing as well as ground game, this is for you.

    We have a full 12 core system that we have put together to train students to be able to "hold their own" as well as build fitness and strength.

    Gaining a Black Belt in this system is not an easy route but a very rewarding one.

    If you want a true challenge that is a true mix of Traditional as well as Modern arts then this is for you.

    Combining Karate, Kickboxing (Thai and Freestyle), Jiu-Jitsu, Escrima and more.

  • Traditional Karate - 7+ years

    So you are interested in a Traditional Martial Art with Traditional Values?  You have come to the right place.  Not only do we teach Traditional Karate (both Wado-Ryu based and Shotokan based) but we also have a modern value set that accompanies it.  Let's face it, we do not learn Karate nowadays due to Samurai on horseback, but we can learn the core lessons to help us to defend ourselves, become stronger in mind, body and spirit as well as enjoy a new lifestyle.

    Our Traditional Classes are for anyone ages 7+ to ensure that we do not water down what we teach and can keep the traditional side strong.

    If you are interested please get in touch, we will be happy to show you a new journey.

  • Kickboxing

    Our Kickboxing classes are developed on a "freestyle" syllabus combining elements of Muay Thai.

    These classes are designed to boost cardio as well as body strength and operates a full grading structure to help you see how you are developing as a Kickboxer.

    We not only help our kickboxers to get fit but we also teach "REAL" technique and not a Boxercise rendition so you can rest assured it can be used for self defence and will build your skill levels too.

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