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  • Today was a great day for Team KRMA.

    At the WTKA Intercontinental Championships 2016 we achieved the following results.

    Andrew Banks sensei - 1st Place Gold - Creative Weapons Forms, 2nd Place Silver Creative Forms and 3rd Place Bronze in Traditional Weapons
    Oliver Smith - 2nd Place Silver in Traditional Weapons and 2nd Place Silver in Kumite.
    Jack Rhoades - 3rd Place Bronze in Musical Weapons Forms

    At the GForce Open we achieved the following:

    Natasha Eardley - 1st Place Gold in Traditional Kata, 1st Place Gold in Musical Weapons and 1st Place Gold in Extreme Weapons Forms
    Nicki Bainbridge Sensei - 2nd Place Silver - Traditional Kata and 2nd Place Silver - Traditional Kata Veterans

    Very proud Sensei moment. 5 of us competing and bringing home 11 medals and trophies :D