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  • Well what can I say, this weekend has been totally amazing and it has been nothing short of an honour to be amongst you all.

    Our students truly stepped up, starting with our Senior Dragons their effort levels were truly inspirational, we are just sad that many were missing and didn't get the opportunity. Next time for you guys :)

    Then we switched up to our Traditional Karate Gradings. Each and every student tried hard and really showed the panel what they were made of. Again some of our students were not grading this time but we look forward to seeing them ready next time around :)

    Finally on Sunday Morning we had the honour of hosting our Black Belt Grading in which we put out candidates through hell :D There is a saying that a Black Belt is Achieved through blood, sweat and tears.....and this is what ours are definitely made of. No half hour or silly 1 hour tests, this was a true Black Belt grading. 3 months of living a Black Belt Life through exercise, habit development and mental training before the final 4 hour of physical grading to be finished off with a public Black Belt speech to which all I can say is you all made me so proud to know you all and that it is one of the greatest honours to watch you grow into true Black Belts.

    A huge huge thank you to all those to attended and especially to those of the Grading Panels for both days. As you will find we are probably just as exhausted as you are. Without the panel of Black Belts it would not be possible to help you all achieve.

    Finally huge huge huge thank you to all those who helped make the Award Ceremony a real success. As promised this year we are truly stepping up as a school and making our students feel truly accomplished as they should be. We love you all and want to truly help you become better people :)

    Have a great day, the journey begins again today