• Senior Dragons

  • Our Age Specific Curriculum for ages 7+ years


  • Our Senior Dragon Programme for our 7+ year olds is designed to truly challenge this age group and treat them as older children in line with their changes they will face in school and life growing up.  

    Our curriculum is age specific and completely designed to boost confidence, listening skills, discipline development and more in a way that will truly empower them to achieve great things.  But we go even further, we incorporate solid real self defence skills, weapons training and more.

    So, want your child to become a future leader?  There is no better time to start with our Senior Dragon Programme.

  • Skills your children will learn

    Freestyle Karate
    Real Self Defence
    Performance Martial Arts

    Freestyle Weapons
    Freestyle Jiu-Jitsu
    Team Work


    A solid mix of Martial Arts and Leadership development

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