• Dragon Tots

  • Our Age Specific Curriculum for ages 3+ years


  • We are very proud of our Foundation Programme for our 3+ year olds.  Our Dragon Tot Curriculum is an amazing baseline for all children that want to start Martial Arts or even just have a great solid start towards their future.

    Our curriculum is age specific and completely designed to boost confidence, listening skills, motor skill development and more in a way that will truly empower them to achieve great things.

    So, want your child to become a future leader?  There is no better start that with us and our Dragon Tot programme.

  • Skills your children will learn

    Break Falling

    A solid mix of Martial Arts and Motor Skill development

  • All new Dragon Tots get a T-Shirt as well as a Dragon Tot Journey book.  Not only that but they also get a lot more too.

    All parents also get a free New Parent Orientation meeting and more!

  • Our Dragon Tots are on a 3 week cycle process

    This means that for every two skills they learn, we then assess them to help our Dragon Tots retain the information to help them grow.

    After all 8 skills have been completed and signed off, the Dragon Tots will then be issued their next Level.  This will usually take approximately 3 months.

    Our Dragon Tots use a T-Shirt System to represent how well they are doing.  

    Their levels are as follows

    Red T-Shirt
    Yellow T-Shirt
    Orange T-Shirt
    Green T-Shirt
    Blue T-Shirt
    Purple T-Shirt
    Grey T-Shirt
    Black T-Shirt

    Once they have completed the programme, they will then graduate to our Junior Dragon programme

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