• Cardio Kickboxing

  • We use the term Cardio Kickboxing as a way of describing our K60 Women's Kickboxing and Mixed Kickboxing classes at KRMA.

    We provide a Women's Only option for daytime classes as well as mixed classes too.

  • K60 Women's Kickboxing

    Want to get fit, lose weight, tone up as well as learn REAL KICKBOXING?  Then our K60 classes are just for you.  A pure mixture of Cardio Kickboxing as well as Real Training to ensure that we not only help you get the body you want but we also help you learn soe amazing skills too.

  • Mixed Kickboxing

    Our Kickboxing classes are developed on a "freestyle" syllabus combining elements of Muay Thai and freestyle Kickboxing.

    These classes are designed to boost cardio as well as body strength and operates a full grading structure to help you see how you are developing as a Kickboxer.

    We not only help our kickboxers to get fit but we also teach "REAL" technique and not a Boxercise rendition so you can rest assured it can be used for self defence and will build your skill levels too.